Industrial and intellectual property offer a variety of registries ( Patent Offices , which can be a means of protecting your interests through different ways-So in this way your inventions ( patents, utility models ,distinctive signs such as trademarks ,commercial names, copyrights, website domain on internet can be protected.

Uryas International is a company with recognized international prestige, with its headquarters in Madrid, ready to provide services in Europe, North America, and South America. Along the years, the Uryas international staff has been growing with employees who are highly qualified and very carefully selected.

The continuing skills and experience of our staff, combined with the coordination among the different departments of patents, trademarks, internet web site domains, etc., and a close tie with our legal department permits us to offer complete protection at the registry office and to maintain and defend your rights concerning the industrial and intellectual property you have through the appropriate courts.

A complete and efficient protection of your rights taking into account the importance we have acquired in the most important markets in Europe and The United States with their products sales in their highly developed technological fields.

We handle the proceedings of your industrial property concerns in Spain at the Spanish Office of Patents and Trademarks, the official agency of Spain, with its headquarters in Madrid. And we also handle your proceedings in the European Office of Patents where patents can be registered in countries like: Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Cyprus, Germany Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Turkey, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Monaco, Holland, Portugal, Sweden, United Kingdom.

We also manage, protect, and defend your intellectual property rights such as author rights, copyrights and industrial property before The World Organization of Intellectual Property ( WIPO ) with its headquarters in Geneva where you can register your international industrial utility models ,international patents, models and designs ( drawings, etc ) under The Patent Cooperation Treaty.


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